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About Us.

Homeroom is a marketplace for the things that can't be bought.

Things like community, support, and clear answers to specific questions.

It is a technology platform built around the most critical transaction of all successful marketplaces: it connects the people who are looking for things, to the people who have them.

We have organized Homeroom around three types of information:
  1. Places
  2. Opportunities
  3. Answers

More specifically, we want to make sure you are:

  • Clear on the location of the places you need
  • Aware of opportunities that met your needs (and not only the urgent and critical ones but also the ones made to enrich and explore).
  • Able to find direct answers to your specific questions.

But, we want didn’t want to stop there.

Homeroom runs on the mantra: “Be Helpful.” In trying to understand who else might be overwhelmed by the current system, we saw the tremendous administrative weight service providers faced. By creating a process for service providers to connect directly with their communities (via referrals and leads), we are hoping to save everyone some much-needed time and energy.

So: Homeroom is a marketplace that pulls together places, opportunities, and answers. We connect people with the things they are looking for, and we also try to lighten the load for the people who provide the things.
It’s a win-win – another one of our favorite mantras.

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A location is a physical space or a specific spot you can show up to in-person.


An opportunity is something that can enrich your life, such as programs, classes, events, tools, and resources.


A short and casual response to a specific question.

Job Posting

Create job posts for openings with your organization.


An organization is a group of people working together towards a common goal.


A group of people offering a good or service in exchange for money.

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