Dexter Linwood Community Brilliant Detroit House

2634 Webb St, Detroit 48206
We create "kid success" neighborhoods by providing a place for free services and support so kids are school ready and families are healthy and stable.

Brilliant Detroit

Located in the heart of the West Side of Detroit, the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood is home to innovative energy grounded by large neighborhood assets and a collection of beautiful, early and mid 20th Century homes and multifamily duplexes. Brilliant Detroit is excited to move in just down the street from the campus of Central High School – Detroit’s oldest high school – and the Life Remodeled Community Innovation Center located in the former Durfee Elementary-Middle School. There is even a tiny home community further to the Southeast of the neighborhood, built to provide alternative affordable housing. While there are vacant homes and buildings, Dexter-Linwood is close to numerous past, present, and future retail corridors and full of second and third-generation homeowners with deep neighborhood pride and resilience.

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