Dexter Linwood Community Brilliant Detroit House

2634 Webb St, Detroit 48206

Located in the heart of the West Side of Detroit, the Dexter-Linwood neighborhood is home to innovative energy grounded by large neighborhood assets and a collection of beautiful, early and mid 20th Century homes and multifamily duplexes. Brilliant Detroit is excited to move in just down the street from the campus of Central High School – Detroit’s oldest high school – and the Life Remodeled Community Innovation Center located in the former Durfee Elementary-Middle School. There is even a tiny home community further to the Southeast of the neighborhood, built to provide alternative affordable housing. While there are vacant homes and buildings, Dexter-Linwood is close to numerous past, present, and future retail corridors and full of second and third-generation homeowners with deep neighborhood pride and resilience.

Brilliant Detroit

We create "kid success" neighborhoods by providing a place for free services and support so kids are school ready and families are healthy and stable.

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