Free Thinker School

8414 W. McNichols, Detroit 48221
The Free Thinker School is designed for children, mature 2.5 - 6 years of age. The parent-led, child-centered, and nature-based curriculum is directed by a Master Teacher, with PhD in social work and social psychology; talented and skilled parents provide additional support.
Tuition/Private Pay
Meals Included

Detroit Parent Collective

Our school strives to nourish each child by teaching them to honor and value multiculturalism, civic engagement and community activism. Our goal is to imbue our children with self-love as well as empathy for others by providing unconditional love and a safe space for them to discover and explore their own identities and self-expression. *In addition, our students enjoy a communal style vegetarian breakfast and lunch provided by Detroit Parent Collective members on a rotating basis (TBD).

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