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How do I choose a school?

Use this guide to help you pick the right Detroit school for your child
By: Hope Starts Here
Lasted Updated July 23, 2022

Deciding which school in Detroit is best for your child can seem overwhelming. With so many options, it’s tough to narrow your choices and track your pros and cons. Get started with this list of some key considerations for your student – and family.


Think about what’s most important to you in a school – not only the atmosphere but also the day-to-day logistics.

Narrow down your options

Research program and school websites and state data. Get opinions from fellow parents, community members and educators. 

Visit the schools

Schedule a tour in advance and make sure there’s time to talk with the principal. It’s the best way to check if a school will work for your student and family.

Listen to your instincts

As you work through the process – no matter how stressful it may feel! – remember: You know your child best. Always ask:

  • Do I see my child feeling comfortable here? Would I be? 
  • Does the administration and teachers seem open to input/feedback? 
  • Do I have all the information that I need to be comfortable with this choice and, if not, what else do I need?
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