What are the developmental milestones for toddlers?

From Ages 1 to 3 Your Child Has Many Developmental Milestones
By: MDE Great Start
Lasted Updated July 11, 2022
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18-Month Checklist
View the typical 18 month milestones
2-Year Checklist
View the typical 2 year old milestones
3-year Checklist
View the typical 3 year old milestones

From ages one to three, your child has many developmental milestones. These milestones are skills like showing greater independence and recognizing themselves in pictures or a mirror. It’s also things like putting words together, talking in sentences and exploring new objects and people around them. Each of these milestones are things most children do by a certain age. They cover a wide range of behaviors like playing, learning, speaking, and moving (from walking to jumping to running).

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